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Hydrogen buffer tank

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Hydrogen buffer tank

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Detailed introduction

Hydrogen buffer tank

Hydrogen buffer tank

Introduction to hydrogen buffer tank:

  The buffer tank is mainly used for pressure fluctuation of the buffer system in various systems, which makes the system work more smoothly. The principle is realized by compressing the compressed air in the tank, and is widely used in water supply equipment and central air conditioning systems, etc., and the structure has diaphragm buffer. There are two kinds of tanks and airbags. The former has gradually faded out of the market due to the rustiness of the tank.


Hydrogen buffer tank performance characteristics:

1. Stainless steel buffer tank has strong corrosion resistance, it is not corroded by residual chlorine in the outside air and water. Each spherical tank is subjected to superior pressure testing and inspection before leaving the factory, and its service life can reach more than 100 years under normal pressure.

2. The stainless steel buffer tank has good sealing performance; the sealed design completely eliminates the harmful substances in the airborne dust and the mosquitoes invading the tank to ensure the water quality is free from external pollution and breed red worms.

3. The scientific water flow design makes the sediment at the bottom of the tank not rise up due to the water flow, ensuring natural stratification of domestic water and fire fighting water, and the turbidity of domestic water coming out through the tank is reduced by 48.5%; however, the water pressure is obviously increased. . It is conducive to improving the performance of domestic water and fire water facilities.

4. The stainless steel buffer tank does not need to be cleaned frequently; the sediment in the water can be discharged only by periodically opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Every 3 years, simple equipment can be used to remove scale once, which greatly reduces the cleaning cost and completely avoids bacterial and viral contamination of the human body.

5. The stainless steel buffer tank is light in weight and small in wind load; a 10 cubic meter stainless steel spherical water tank has a weight of only 360 kilograms, only 1/38 of the weight of the cement pool, and the wind load is small and the appearance is beautiful. Used in conjunction with advertising, it is an excellent environmentally friendly product.

6. The use of stainless steel tanks can save a lot of edible water sources; currently there are nearly 30,000 roofs and underground storage tanks in Guangzhou. Each storage tank is calculated by 10 cubic meters, cleaning 3-4 times a year, and wasting more than 1 million cubic meters of tap water. Meter. And because of the development of real estate, waste continues to expand. If you switch to a new stainless steel spherical water tank, you can effectively eliminate waste.

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