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Liquid argon storage tank

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Liquid argon storage tank

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Detailed introduction

Liquid argon storage tank

Liquid argon storage tank

Liquid argon is an inert gas that can cause some harm to the human body if it is not safely stored. Generally, a special storage tank is required for storing liquid argon, which we call a liquid argon storage tank.

Purpose of liquid argon storage tank: In order to strengthen the use and management of liquid argon storage tanks, to ensure correct use, to ensure the safety of production, it is necessary to formulate corresponding regulations;

Liquid argon storage tanks: used in the department and workshop for the management and use of liquid argon storage tanks

Operation steps of liquid argon storage tank:

1. Filling the liquid, the warehouse should always check the inventory of liquid argon. When the inventory is lower than the safety stock during the production period, the logistics should be required to avoid the recovery of the normal temperature of the tank inner cylinder. Too much liquid loss, after the liquid argon arrives, assist the supplier to fill the tank with liquid argon and verify the quantity.

2. Use, open the liquid argon to the valve of the vaporizer, supply liquid to the vaporizer, adjust the pressure regulator to the required pressure, and deliver nitrogen to the outside.

3. Pressurization, when the pressure of the liquid argon storage tank is too low to meet the production needs, it can be pressurized by the tank from the boosting device. Operation steps: slowly open the booster valve to make the liquid argon enter the supercharger and vaporize. When the amount of nitrogen is large, the booster valve can be opened until the pressure required for production is reached.

4. During storage and production stoppage, the pressure of the inner cylinder will gradually increase due to the natural volatilized nitrogen remaining in the tank. When the inner cylinder pressure reaches 0.8Mpa, the vent valve should be properly opened to relieve pressure.

5. The safety valve must be in normal working condition at any time.

Maintenance standard for liquid argon storage tank: The tank casing is a pressure vessel, it is forbidden to knock and collide; often check whether the valve is in the correct state of the switch, the pressure gauge, the measurement of the liquid level gauge is accurate and reliable, the pipeline, the valve is not There are leaks and blockages; regular calibration of pressure gauges and safety valves. When the safety valve is in trouble, the manufacturer should be promptly required to inspect the safety valve.

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