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Carbon dioxide storage tank

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Carbon dioxide storage tank

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Detailed introduction

Carbon dioxide storage tank

Carbon dioxide storage tank

Carbon dioxide storage tank, low-temperature liquid carbon dioxide storage tank, double-layer container composed of inner and outer vessels, vacuum powder insulation type, can be divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. The inner material is 16MnDR. The outer container material can be different according to the user area. Select Q235-B or 16MnR, the inner and outer container sandwiches are filled with the thermal insulation material pearl sand and vacuumed. (individual and horizontal)

Thermal insulation performance:

The thermal insulation material is filled with pearlite sand in the hot state and vacuum is applied, and the vacuum degree after the interlayer sealing is:

Effective volume: less than or equal to 10m 3 Vacuum degree ≤ 2Pa, greater than 10m 3 Less than or equal to 50m 3 Vacuum degree ≤ 3Pa, greater than 50m 3 Less than or equal to 100m 3 Vacuum degree ≤ 5Pa, with superb technology, unique filling process, quality assurance commitment, To achieve the best insulation.

Safety technology features:

The cryogenic liquid carbon dioxide storage tank uses the "combination, safety system valve" to work simultaneously with two sets of safety valves. When the safety valve is periodically checked, one side can be closed and the other side can continue to work to ensure the safe operation of the storage tank.

operating system:

The upper part of the tank inner container is provided with a pressure gauge, a differential pressure level gauge and a liquid level comparison table, so that the storage volume and pressure changes of the inner container can be grasped at any time, and the operation during filling and draining is facilitated.

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