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Suggestions for selection and maintenance of liquid nitrogen storage tanks

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Suggestions for selection and maintenance of liquid nitrogen storage tanks

Date of release:2018-08-11 Author: Click:

The best way to maintain a liquid nitrogen LNG storage tank is to share it for us today:


1. The installation place of the storage tank should have excellent ventilation. It should be installed outdoors, surrounded by gates. There should be no open flame, combustible explosives and low-lying areas within 5m; liquid nitrogen storage tanks


2. It is necessary to have grounding equipment and lightning protection equipment for removing static electricity from the storage tank. The anti-static grounding resistance is not more than 10Ω; the maximum impact resistance of the lightning protection equipment is 30Ω, and it is detected at least once a year;


3. The filling rate of the storage tank shall not exceed 95%, and the overfilling shall be stopped;


4, the pressure gauge to stop the oil, and regular timing; the safety valve is necessary to be stainless steel or copper, timing verification, severe oil removal;


5. When the valve, appearance, pipeline, etc. on the equipment are frozen, use 70-80 °C nitrogen, air or hot water to freeze and stop the open flame heating;

Liquid nitrogen storage tank

6. When there is liquid in the storage tank, stop the hot fire repair, it is necessary to warm up to normal temperature before repairing;


7. The operator must be professionally trained and qualified to take the post. Do not wear chemical fiber clothing that has oil or static effects, and do not wear shoes with nails. It is slow to open and close the valve during operation. The booster valve should be closed when it is deactivated;


8, timing (for example, 15 days, the concentration of acetylene in the liquid nitrogen, the concentration is controlled below 0.1 × 10-6, otherwise liquid nitrogen should be discharged;


9. When liquid nitrogen is stored in a sealed state, it is necessary to monitor the pressure and not overpressure;


10, liquid nitrogen is not allowed to splash on the unmaintained skin to avoid severe frostbite;


11. When the storage tank of the liquid nitrogen storage tank has drained the liquid and cannot be heated immediately, it is necessary to close all the valves immediately. Because the temperature inside the tank is very low, the humid air will invade the inside through the connected pipes, causing the ice to block the pipeline.

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