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Carbon steel non-standard pressure vessel

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Carbon steel non-standard pressure vessel

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Detailed introduction

Carbon steel non-standard pressure vessel

Carbon steel non-standard pressure vessel

Pressure vessel, English: pressure vessel, refers to a closed device that holds a gas or a liquid and carries a certain pressure. In order to implement scientific management and safety supervision more effectively, China's "Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Regulations" divides pressure vessels into three categories according to working pressure, medium hazard and its role in production.

Different provisions are made for the design, manufacturing process, and inspection items, content, and methods of each type of pressure vessel. The pressure vessel has implemented the import quality safety permit system, and the products that have not obtained the import safety quality certificate are not allowed to be imported. It should be divided into the first group of media and the second group of media according to the latest TSG21-2016 "Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Fixed Pressure Vessels", and then class I, Class II, Class III according to pressure and volume. The so-called first, second and third categories of the old regulations are no longer applicable.

A pressure vessel is a closed vessel that can withstand pressure. Pressure vessels are extremely versatile and have an important position and role in many sectors such as industry, civil, military, and scientific research. Among them, pressure vessels used most in the chemical industry and petrochemical industry, and only used in the petrochemical industry account for about 50% of the total number of pressure vessels. Pressure vessels are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, mainly for heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction and other processes, as well as storage and transportation of pressurized gas or liquefied gas; they are also widely used in other industrial and civil fields, such as air. compressor. All kinds of special compressors and auxiliary compressors for refrigeration compressors (coolers, buffers, oil-water separators, gas storage tanks, evaporators, liquid refrigerants, etc.) are all pressure vessels.

The company can undertake non-standard pressure vessels such as carbon steel and low alloy steel according to user needs. Companies adhering to the "management and pragmatic, elaborate, safe and reliable, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement," the quality policy, and constantly improve and improve the company's quality assurance system to ensure high-quality product quality and user satisfaction continues to improve.

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