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Non-standard pressure vessel

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Non-standard pressure vessel

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Detailed introduction

Non-standard pressure vessel

Non-standard pressure vessel

Non-standard pressure vessel design means that the highest pressure at the top of the set container is used as the load condition together with the corresponding design temperature, and its value is not lower than the working pressure.

General principles of design pressure:

1. The design pressure of the container is not the same as the maximum working pressure of the container, but the design pressure is generally higher than or equal to the maximum working pressure.

2. A pressure vessel equipped with a safety relief device shall be designed so that the pressure is not lower than the opening (setting) pressure of the safety valve and the bursting pressure of the rupture disc device.

3. The container containing liquefied gas, without insulation device, the design pressure (highest working pressure) is not lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the liquefied gas at 50 °C; if there is reliable insulation, the design pressure is not lower than Test the measured saturated vapor pressure at the highest temperature.

The company can undertake non-standard pressure vessels such as carbon steel and low alloy steel according to user needs. Companies adhering to the "management and pragmatic, elaborate, safe and reliable, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement," the quality policy, and constantly improve and improve the company's quality assurance system to ensure high-quality product quality and user satisfaction continues to improve.

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