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Gasification station equipment

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Gasification station equipment

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Detailed introduction

Gasification station equipment

LNG gasification station

1. Design standard of LNG gasification station

Up to now, there is no special design standard for LNG in China. When designing LNG gasification station, the design specifications commonly used are: GB 50028-2006 "Code for Urban Gas Design", GB50016-2006 "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design", GB 50183-2004 "Fire and Gas Engineering Design Fire Protection Code", US NFPA-59A "Liquefied Natural Gas Production, Storage and Handling Standards". GB 50183—2004 “Code for Fire Protection Design of Oil and Gas Engineering” was drafted by CNPC and applied to the US NFPA-59A standard. Many contents and data come from NFPA-59A standard. Due to the high fire protection requirements of the NF-PA-59A standard, the project cost is high and it is difficult to implement it at home. At present, the design of domestic LNG gasification station is basically designed according to GB 50028-93 "Code for Design of Urban Gas Design" (2002 edition), and it has proved safe and feasible.

2. Location and general layout of LNG gasification station

1 LNG gasification station site selection

The location of the gasification station is closely related to its safety. Therefore, the gasification station should be arranged in a place with convenient transportation and people's intensive places. The fire separation distance from the surrounding buildings must comply with the provisions of the Code for Urban Gas Design GB 50028-2006. And consider the natural gas pipeline network that is easy to access to towns, and reserve enough space for long-term development.

2 LNG gasification station general plan layout

Reasonably arranging the buildings and process facilities in the gasification station can make the entire gasification station safe, economical and beautiful. The general plane of the station area should be divided into sections, that is, divided into production areas (including unloading, storage, gasification, pressure regulation and other process areas) and auxiliary areas. The production area is arranged on the upwind side or upper side wind of the lowest frequency wind direction in the station area. On the side, the fire separation distance of the built-in structures must meet the requirements of the “Code for Design of Urban Gases” GB 50028-2006.

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