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Standard gasification station

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Standard gasification station

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Detailed introduction

Standard gasification station

Standard gasification station

LNG has become the main gas source or transition gas source for cities that cannot use natural gas for gas supply, and is also a supplementary gas source or peak-regulating gas source for many cities that use natural gas for gas transmission. The LNG gasification station is a receiving, storage and distribution LNG satellite station, and is also an intermediate regulating place for towns or gas companies to transfer LNG from the manufacturer to the user. LNG gasification station has gradually built up in many small and medium-sized cities with developed economy and energy shortage in the southeast coast of China, relying on its short construction period and the ability to quickly meet the demand of gas market. It will become a transition before permanent gas supply facilities or natural gas pipelines. Gas supply facility.

Process flow:

The LNG is transported by the tank truck to the gasification station. The LNG unloading supercharger is used to increase the pressure inside the tank truck, and the LNG in the tank truck is sent to the LNG cryogenic storage tank for storage. When discharging from the LNG storage tank, the tank pressure is first increased by the self-pressurizing system of the storage tank, and then the liquid phase outlet valve of the storage tank is opened, and the LNG in the storage tank is sent to the gasifier through the pressure difference. It is sent to the municipal gas pipeline network through processes such as pressure regulation, metering and odor removal. When the outdoor ambient temperature is low and the natural gas temperature at the outlet of the air-temperature gasifier is lower than 5 °C, a water bath heater is connected in series at the outlet of the air-temperature gasifier to heat the gasified natural gas.

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