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Skid-mounted gas station

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Skid-mounted gas station

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Detailed introduction

Skid-mounted gas station

Skid-mounted gas station

In recent years, in response to the call of the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote the application of clean fuel vehicles, natural gas vehicles have developed rapidly in many cities in China, mainly in the field of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, most of which are used in cities with shorter mileage for single refueling. Taxi and bus. In foreign countries, liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles have been promoted with their advantages of low pollution, high safety performance, significant economic benefits and suitable for large-scale long-distance transportation vehicles. The United States has 3,000 LNG vehicles and about 100 LNG vehicle refueling stations, which are technically leading in this respect. In China, Beijing, Urumqi, Changsha, Guiyang, Hangzhou and other places are actively promoting LNG vehicles and gas stations, and have built several LNG filling stations. In addition to the conventional equipment, in addition to the conventional equipment, a refueling station that constitutes a complete system is installed on the site, and various equipments of the refueling station are integrated in the factory and mounted on one or more skids. LNG filling station. The skid-mounted LNG filling station has the outstanding advantages of safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption, small floor space, convenient on-site installation, short construction period and flexible movement. It has become a type of gas station with good development prospects.

Advantages of skid-mounted refueling stations:

The skid-mounted refueling station refills the LNG vehicle with the LNG through the cryopump. If necessary, it can also be recharged to the CNG vehicle after being gasified by the high pressure liquid pump through the gasifier, and the cost and operating cost of the CNG filling station of the same capacity are lower. In addition, the skid-mounted LNG filling station has the following advantages:

1 flexible and small footprint. Without relying on the natural gas pipeline network, it is only necessary to use LNG tank trucks to carry LNG as a gas source.

All process equipment in the station is installed on a skid block with an overall size of 12m × 2.5m × 3.31m. The control system is installed in a modified standard header. The total mass of the gas station before filling LNG is only 21.8t, which is very suitable for handling by car. The location of the gas station can be changed at any time according to market demand, which is especially suitable in cities.

2 safe, environmentally friendly, low energy consumption. LNG has been purified, no need for compression, cooling, dehydration, desulfurization and other devices with large power consumption. The entire production process eliminates natural gas purification equipment and air compressors, greatly reducing the supporting facilities, not only saving equipment costs, And shortened the construction period.

3 high degree of automation, easy to operate. Equipped with automatic control system, data acquisition, flammable gas monitoring, overpressure stop pump and low pressure pump are automatically completed, easy to operate.

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