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Standard filling station

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Standard filling station

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Detailed introduction

Standard filling station

Standard filling station

A gas station is a site that supplies fuel to natural gas vehicles (NGV) and CNGLNG trailers in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

With the increasing popularity of new energy sources and the emphasis on low-carbon life, the requirements for quality of life and living environment are increasing. New energy is being developed and utilized by people more and more. Among them, natural gas is one of the low-carbon new energy sources, which is then applied to automobile fuels, and the corresponding gas station has emerged.

At present, public transportation, taxis and some private cars in the city use natural gas as fuel to operate, which is not only low cost, but also environmentally friendly.

Refueling: The LNG liquid is pressurized to 20~25Mpa by the LNG low-temperature high-pressure plug pump, and the high-pressure liquid enters the high-pressure air-temperature vaporizer to be vaporized into compressed natural gas (CNG). The CNG is filled into the CNG automobile cylinder through the CNG dispenser.

Adding liquid: LNG in the storage tank is filled into the automobile cylinder by the LNG low temperature submersible pump through the filling machine

Pressurization: the LNG in the storage tank is injected into the storage tank by vaporization and pressure adjustment, and the pressure in the storage tank is adjusted to reach the set value.

Temperature adjustment: part of the LNG in the storage tank is pumped out by the LNG low temperature submersible pump, injected into the storage tank through the LNG booster, and the temperature of the storage tank is adjusted to the set value.

The system process includes: unloading system, LNG storage system, booster system, submerged filling system, gas filling system, vehicle LNG insulated gas cylinder, automatic control system, alarm system and so on.

The company can provide users with turnkey projects such as system design, complete selection, control system, engineering installation, commissioning training and after-sales service for LNG vehicle filling stations

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