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Gas station

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Gas station

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Detailed introduction

Gas station

 Gas station

1. CNG filling station

CNG refueling station is mainly used for CNG-fueled vehicles. The equipment consists of a compressor unit, a metering device, a gas purifying and drying device, a gas storage device, a gas-filled sequential control panel, and a gas-filled gas-selling machine. According to the different functional applications, it can be divided into standard station and refueling station. There are 3 types of aerated substations.

2. LNG filling station

The LNG filling station supplies LNG filling stations in three types, which are generally divided into: skid-mounted gas station, standard gas station, L-CNG gas station, mobile armored Gas station

General pure LNG filling stations consist of: LNG storage tanks, pump and submersible pumps, tank supercharged vaporizers, unloading carburetors, EAG heaters (the process flow is different, these three vaporizers will also have corresponding changes), dosing Machine and other components.

3. L-CNG filling station

The L-CNG filling station will pressurize the LNG after being pressurized by the high-pressure liquid pump, and then refill the CNG vehicle. At the same time, the low-pressure liquid pump can also be used to refuel the LNG vehicle. This filling station is the basis of the LNG filling station. Above the high pressure gasifier, liquid high pressure pump and other devices. Compared to the same capacity CNG filling station, the investment and operating costs of the L-CNG filling station are lower.

4. Mobile filling station

The so-called mobile filling station refers to the connection of two natural gas-filled tails with a natural gas front, and the front and rear ends can be separated, in addition to an aerated compressor; the compressor is compressed by the compressor. The natural gas is then lost to the transport vehicle. When the natural gas loaded in one tail is used up, it can be separated and connected to another tail filled with liquefied gas. The empty tail is connected to the front of the vehicle to the nearby refueling point to refill and recycle. The advantage of this approach is that it is low cost and can take advantage of idle land resources. Of course, this mobile refueling point can only be installed in a wide area with no residential areas nearby, and the safety spacing should meet the standards of fire facilities.

Refueling: The LNG liquid is pressurized to 20~25Mpa by the LNG low-temperature high-pressure plug pump, and the high-pressure liquid enters the high-pressure air-temperature vaporizer to be vaporized into compressed natural gas (CNG). The CNG is filled into the CNG automobile cylinder through the CNG dispenser.

Adding liquid: LNG in the storage tank is filled into the automobile cylinder by the LNG low temperature submersible pump through the filling machine

Pressurization: the LNG in the storage tank is injected into the storage tank by vaporization and pressure adjustment, and the pressure in the storage tank is adjusted to reach the set value.

Temperature adjustment: part of the LNG in the storage tank is pumped out by the LNG low temperature submersible pump, injected into the storage tank through the LNG booster, and the temperature of the storage tank is adjusted to the set value.

The system process includes: unloading system, LNG storage system, booster system, submerged filling system, gas filling system, vehicle LNG insulated gas cylinder, automatic control system, alarm system and so on.

The company can provide users with turnkey projects such as system design, complete selection, control system, engineering installation, commissioning training and after-sales service for LNG vehicle filling stations.

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