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One-stop system gas supply tank

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One-stop system gas supply tank

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Detailed introduction

One-stop system gas supply tank


The centralized gas supply system is part of the laboratory turnkey project. The gas path system engineering company generally provides the entire gas path design plan, and various gas pipe valve parts and devices are welded and installed. The gas source is supplied by a dedicated gas company or gas cylinder distributor.

The characteristics of the centralized gas supply system are mainly reflected in four aspects: safety, economy, purity and workflow.

Safety: Even if cylinders are still used for gas supply, the cylinders are placed in a safe area outside the work area, and the user can cut off the gas supply in an emergency with a remote shut-off system; the storage of the cylinders can be kept in a flammable container The safety clearance between the combustion-supporting container and the workplace accessories is no longer high-voltage equipment. The potential danger of toxic or flammable gas leakage is also avoided. The operation of the cylinder must still be operated by qualified personnel to reduce the probability of major accidents.

Economical: The construction of a centralized cylinder can save a limited amount of laboratory space, eliminating the need to shut off the gas when replacing the cylinder, saving time and ensuring continuous supply of gas. Users only need to manage fewer cylinders and pay less for cylinder rent because all points of use of the same gas come from the same source. This type of supply will ultimately reduce transportation costs and reduce the amount of residual gas returned to the gas company's empty bottles, making cylinder management more uniform and standardized.

Purity: The purportable pressure reducer panel maintains the specified purity of the gas, and the reduction in cylinder replacement frequency reduces the chance of impurities entering the system.

Workflow: The centralized pipeline supply system can place the gas outlet at the point of use, so that the workplace can be designed more reasonably; the gas supply process can be more easily controlled by the monitoring and alarm system. In this way, the workflow is significantly optimized.

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