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Boiler coal to gas integration solution

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Boiler coal to gas integration solution

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Detailed introduction

Boiler coal to gas integration solution

Boiler coal to gas integration solution

Natural gas is of course a favor as a high-quality, low-carbon, high-efficiency energy source. Among the three fossil energy sources of coal, oil and natural gas, natural gas has the lowest hydrogen content, high thermal energy utilization efficiency, and the highest calorific value under the same quality conditions, and carbon emissions are only half of that of coal. "Coal-to-gas equipment" has great advantages in terms of environmental protection, and has made strong support and guarantee in solving the serious pollution of the atmosphere in China and the pressure on the environment and ecology. However, due to the lack of China's previous implementation of the natural gas policy and the lack of China's natural gas supply capacity, the "industrial coal-to-gas equipment" is not as good as the theoretical one.

Boiler coal to gas performance advantages:

1. When the boiler coal is changed to gas, the boiler burner should be placed at the height of the center of the furnace and have sufficient burning space and length. The flame should not be flushed onto the wall of the heated surface to avoid incomplete combustion of the gas and local overheating of the pipe wall.

2. The ratio of furnace and natural gas boiler of coal-fired boilers is generally large, with sufficient combustion space. After the transformation, the gas volume can be increased without affecting the combustion conditions. If the user requests a significant increase in boiler output, the furnace heating surface can be appropriately increased, and the scale and soot inside and outside the original heating surface can be removed, so that it is not a problem to increase the boiler output without increasing the volume of the boiler.

3. Due to the strong combustion reaction and high heat intensity of natural gas in the furnace, the bottom of the drum should be insulated in the bottom of the furnace, and the temperature of the inlet of the tube of the fire tube boiler should be controlled below 6000 °C to prevent A tube sheet crack occurs.

4. When the boiler coal is changed to gas, pay attention to the tightness of the furnace wall, try to reduce the original furnace door, inspection door, etc., and refractory materials can be used to prevent the fire from injecting or injecting too much cold air into the furnace. Influencing the efficiency of the boiler, for the fire hole that must be retained, the closed fire hole should also be used to observe the fire through the heat-resistant glass.

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