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Central gas supply system

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Central gas supply system

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Detailed introduction

Central gas supply system

Central gas supply system

The centralized gas supply system, also known as the Central Gas Supply System, is an increasingly popular method of gas supply. It is mainly composed of air source, switching device, pressure regulating device, terminal air point, monitoring and alarm device. In short, the centralized gas supply system transfers the gas in the central gas storage device through the switching device and regulates the pressure to the respective dispersed terminal gas points through the pipeline system. In the past, the factory's workshops and laboratories have become increasingly obsolete and have become obsolete.

Various types of gas-consuming equipment in large-scale factory workshops and various analytical instruments in most laboratories such as chromatographs or mass spectrometers require continuous use of carrier gas and fuel gas, so workshop and laboratory managers need to consider how to achieve The continuous, stable and safe supply of these gases can be supplied by high pressure cylinders, liquid dewars, centralized gas supply systems or a combination of the above. Based on safety and efficiency factors, centralized gas supply systems are becoming more and more common regardless of economic factors, and they are a reliable and continuous supply of high purity gases in today's laboratory equipment. In some cases, local fire code recommendations even require that major gas sources such as cylinders, dewars, and liquid storage tanks be placed in designated areas outside the work area, and then the gas is delivered to the plant through the piping system and can pass The point-of-care secondary pressure reducer installed on the workbench facilitates pressure and flow regulation.

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