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Carbon dioxide water treatment equipment

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Carbon dioxide water treatment equipment

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Detailed introduction

Carbon dioxide water treatment equipment

Environmentally friendly water treatment is developed on the basis of soft fillers and semi-soft fillers, which combines the advantages of both.

Environmentally friendly water treatment is developed on the basis of soft fillers and semi-soft fillers. It combines the advantages of both and is the product of the combination of the two. The structure is to change the plastic wafer crimping into a double-circle large plastic ring, and press the hydroformaldehyde fiber or the polyester fiber on the ring of the ring to uniformly distribute the fiber bundle; the inner ring is a snow-like plastic branch, which can not only hang the film It can effectively cut bubbles and increase the oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate. The water-gas biofilm is fully exchanged to efficiently treat the organic matter in the water.

Environmental Analysis:

As the country pays more and more attention to the environmental water treatment industry, the environment in which the environmental water treatment industry is located is more conducive to their development. First, the government's policies are superior. In 2006, the state proposed the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan for the Construction of Urban Sewage Treatment and Recycling Facilities in China”, which officially put water treatment on the work schedule. In the following years, the water treatment industry ushered in the golden development period. rapid development. In the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the state will still provide relevant policy support to the sewage treatment industry, and will not promote the development of the water treatment industry.

Second, the support of funds. In addition to adopting the way of business operations, the water treatment industry is indispensable for the state's financial investment, which provides huge economic support for the water treatment industry. The country has created a good economic environment for the development of water treatment industry in water treatment equipment, technology research and development and construction.

Third, the market space is large. A sufficiently large market is the most fundamental condition for enterprise development. With the continuous development of China's economy, the discharge of wastewater has also shown a trend of increasing year by year. In 2009, it reached 58.9 billion tons, of which the proportion of total domestic sewage discharge was higher. High, up to 60%, the rest is industrial wastewater discharge. The industrial wastewater discharge compliance rate is 94.2%, and the urban sewage treatment rate is 72.3%. According to this calculation, even if the future sewage discharge does not increase, China's annual The amount of untreated wastewater has reached 20 billion tons, and the water treatment industry has a large market space. These factors determine the environment of the water treatment industry in the future, and it is a very promising industry.

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